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The Ice Cap

by SV, Capo, & Gage

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Ice Trap 03:47
Polar Bear 02:55
So Cold 04:25
No Sleep 02:55


The much anticipated follow up to Moonbase: SVG

And so begins... The ICE CAP

Escape pod crashes into a frozen wasteland ruled by the ice chieftain, “Ice Cap.” Blinded by a solar flare at a young age, his other senses have only become more heightened. Plagued by terrible prophetic nightmares, the wise chief is the youngest of the tribe to become a chief.

Before the moonman crash lands, Ice Cap had a dream that "fire in the sky" would be the end the ice tribe. After witnessing the crash landing, he finds the astronaut passed out while out hunting. Cap knows from his dream that this is a bad omen and raises his walrus bone hunting knife to slit the unconscious man’s throat. He stops suddenly when sees the New Scott emblem on the strangers sleeve.

New Scottland is just a legend amongst the ice people, described as a utopia in the old tales. Could this sleeping stranger be their ticket to salvation?

Cap returns to the ice cave with the moonman/stranger. The tribe meets later that night and weighs the pros and cons of letting him live.
It's decided that just Cap and Gage will venture across the dangerous Ice Cap to find safe passage. but both are struck by a solar flare vision showing them the tribe being killed.

They head back and find everyone has been killed by the "fire tribe"
There’s a funeral, back story, a shared longing for finding New Scottland. Gage running low on Moonjuice and know they’ll die out in the open trying to make the trek.

They again cross the Ice Cap and make it to the Tundra.

In the tundra they wander into a local tavern and immediately are serrnaded/heckled by a bard/mystic holy man character voiced by Alleyes Manifest aka James Wavey. He basically gives this cryptic warning to the pair about being at a crossroads: picking revenge on enemies or picking mercy/ peace. After this interaction Moonman and Ice Cap feel better about their chances in the upcoming Battle against The Fire Army

Later they leave the tavern and...

They meet a peddler named PsyFin, a snake oil salesman of sorts. He tries to sell us knock off moon juice, supplies, maybe even a secret stash of weapons. But then he realizes it's information we're after… Information on how we can find the fire army. In exchange forhelping us, he takes Cap’s sabertooth (Bruce) as collateral.

The Peddler is on the take, hired by the People’s Fire Army (PFA) to lead Cap and Moonman into a trap. It's here we find out the identify of the mysterious leader IVY NIX. And she reveals that yes, they want the moon juice (worth a fortune) that they heard over a radio signal was aboard a stolen ship headed for earth, but what they REALLY want is the starship caliope. The plan all along was to capture the moon man and demand he reveal where the spaceship is (moonman doesn't know! He was separated from SV and the ship at the end of moonbase). They know what our heroes don’t: that once you reach the coast, there’s no crossing the toxic seas. The waters quickly corrode any boat. The only way off the ice cap/tundra is by air.

Eventually there is a showdown with the fire tribe... During this mission there is a Stand Out Warrior (Karl Livingston) who helps the Tribe Hold the Fire Army Back. For his Ultimate skills in Battle and returning Bruce the Sabertooth back to Ice Cap, There is a Celebration between all the Native inhabitants. SV returns from Moonbase to Guide us back on a new path. Ice Cap understand that this is only a temporary Win. Moon, Bruce and Ice Cap must cross the Ice Caps Back to the Edge of The Ocean for their last chance to Discover New Scotland.

On their final Journey across the Caps the crew find themselves in a desolate Wintery Tundra and lose track of there position. Right then an Electric Man (Electric David) comes out of nowhere and sings a mystical Ballad. The music makes the mountains move and a Road emerges from the Frozen Wasteland. The path is a portal to the Edge of The Ocean. The only place where a space ship can successfully Take Off. In the end, the Crew has many new decisions to make since the tribe is alive and well. Ice Cap is torn between leaving his Homeland or going with Moon to the Magical land of New Scotland...

The Story Shall Be Continued.....


The old stories foretold that on an endless night, a fire in the sky would bring a falling new moon to the Ice Cap. They said the moon would deliver the tribe over the impassable ice, but at an incredible cost. They said that our tribes salvation would only come to pass when a blind leader, a beast, and the moons failure confronted an army of fire.

The old stories were true! But the cost was greater than the Ice Captain could have possibly imagined. When the blind man and the moon returned to the tribe, the village was destroyed, burned to the ground. And the only ones capable of such an atrocity were the people’s fire army.

For The Ice Cap and the Moon to finally escape the frozen waste, they would need a ship. And they would need help finding one. On their travels, they would meet a peddler, an electric man , a wavelength visionary, and a drunk.

The Ice Cap and Moon didn’t know it, but they were walking into a trap. And an army of fire waited for them on the other side.


released April 22, 2021

All tracks Produced, Written, Performed, & Mixed
by SV, Capo, & Gage.
for Jim's Pool Room Records 2021

Except for
Dodson Girls (interludes #1, #6, #8, #12)
Troglodyte The Neanderthal
(prod #9, #13)
Buzz Kill (mixing #1, #6)
Psy (lyrics #9)
Alleyes (lyrics #10, #12)
Ivy Rush (vocals #13, #14)
Karl Livingston (lyrics #14)
Electric David (lyrics #15)
Antonia Marquee (vocals #16)

Copyright: Jim's Pool Room - 2021


all rights reserved



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